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Internet Hate Groups Essay Example For Students

Internet Hate Groups Essay For the first time in human history, we have the means to connect people fromevery corner of the globe, to talk to each other and share information at a costthats far more affordable than any other means of publishing in the world. There is nothing more powerful as the Internet or the World Wide Web that hasever existed before. Hate is scary. By definition, Hate is an intensehostility and emotional aversion to someone or something. It is displayed withwords, harassment and/or acts of violence including killing. (Novick, para4). Hate can be hidden from friends or family, but at other times it is braggedabout. Hatred can be motivated by the desire for political power, for the needto put someone in their place, even by religious beliefs. The Internet seems tohave pushed all our buttons of paranoia, especially these days, when werealready confused and frightened by all the violence and chaos in our world. Preventing Internet Hate Crimes Controls and Mechanisms The first method isrebuttal, a technique long used by the anti-censorship or anti-hateorganizations. Rebuttal allows for the unrestricted dissemination of hate andnegates it by offering a more insightful and historically accurateexamination of political and social history. (Guide To Hate Groups, soundclip).This method eliminates the question of censorship and the stigma ofgovernmental control. But it does not compensate for the real human pain ofhaving swastikas, ethnocentric messages, or racial caricatures on onescomputer screen, nor does it keep children from accessing the hate sites withoutunderstanding the true context of the debates. The second method is that ofmoral , a tactic which has been successfully used by social activists andinterest groups throughout the 20th century. Moral persuasion would shift theresponsibility of eliminating cyber-hate from the government to non-governmentalorganizations, special interest group s, and social activists, avoiding theproblem of censorship and the inadequacy of the anti-hate laws.(Guide To HateGroups). Concerned individuals and organizations would consolidate and cooperatein a social movement to increase public awareness and encourage economicsanctions against the Internet service providers who offer access to hategroups. Who Do We Blame? The current problem of cyber-hate is not one oftechnology, but rather one of public policy.(Censorship) The most commonmeans for any government to deal with this problem is either to modify existinglegislation or to introduce new, more inclusive anti-hate laws. But policymakers have not acted quickly enough to modify existing legislation to dealadequately with the capabilities of the Internet. Hate groups have gained aformidable person on the Internet and cleaning up cyber-space will be difficult. Blame policy, not technology Addressing Cyber Hate Crimes Expose It While somegovernments already have laws limiting freedom of speech, and others contemplatelimiting what is allowed on the Internet, the culture of the Net has created itsown crusaders for free expression. Rather than consider censoring or banning Netsites that concern them, they have, using their own time and money, begunbuilding Web pages to expose or contradict what they find repellent. Theirphilosophy is simple, let the free marketplace of ideas decide what content isacceptable. Advocating censorship of these groups is not the answer. It will dono good to force them underground. Linking to information that contradictsracism and anti-Semitism on the Net is the goal of other anti-hates sites whichuse the communicative powers of the Web to show alternatives to thehate-mongers sites. In the free marketplace of ideas, they willeventually make the right choices. (Hate Crimes) Crack It Thecracking of Cyber Hate pages may represent an opening shot in a new way to wagethe war of information on the Net, now hackers can just deface Web pages theydont like. We may start to see opposing opinions begin to wage actual war inthe internet world. The hackers attack bodes ill for the future of freeexpression on the Internet. (Cyber Hate) Anti Cyber Hate Laws CaliforniasAssembly Bill 295 This bill would expand obscenity and child pornographystatutes to prohibit transmission of images by computer. This basically coveredall sites dealing with the illegal use of picture of minors on the Internet. Georgia Regions Study Guide 3rd GradeRacists David Duke, a former Louisiana legislator and national leader of theInvisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, is one example of those who areusing the Internet to spread racial hatred. On his website, he writes: Ourpeople (white people) will learn that our very survival is in jeopardy. We willfinally realize that our culture and traditions are under attack; that ourvalues and morality, our freedom and prosperity are in danger.( Creating Fear ofDifference Online). Several white supremacist groups use symbolism fromChristian scriptures to assert their racist and anti-Semitic agenda. One exampleis the Aryan Nations, which claims that fair-skinned people with northernEuropean ancestry are Gods chosen people, to the exclusion of all others. SuchInternet messages propagate fear of difference by stereotyping, exaggerating ormaking up figures, and spewing fear-filled language. They create an atmosphereof hate that feeds violence. That is ju st one example of the many Internet sitesthat is steering up hate in our society. The Aryan Nations, Christian Identity,Ku Klux Klan organizations and a number of other groups assert that white peopleshould not have to share a common culture with non-whites. Sex DiscriminationMany of these sex discrimination sites have gone under ground. These site arethe weaker of the hate sites. Many of the sites also lean on the same basis forrejecting the homosexual life. Here is an example of one of the sites:Homosexuality is immoral and is therefore illegal despite the desperateattempts by homosexuals to have homosexuality and homosexual marriages declaredlegal.(Homosexuality) My Stance I believe we do have a severe problem on ourhands. However I feel the problem is not with the internet. I would have to saythat the censorship of the internet is to be taken care of at home. Many peoplerely on television, VCRs, and toys to watch over their children. Whathappened to family values? I think peopl e have become very lazy when comes tocare for their children. Come on America, start accepting responsibility foryourself and stop blaming technology. Conclusion In conclusion, The decisions wemake today about our basic freedoms will be ones we live with for a very longtime. We need to turn on the lights in the internet world, and expose thedarkness and the lies. BibliographyAllport, G. (1948, 1983). ABCs of Scapegoating. New York: Anti-DefamationLeague. Anti-Defamation League (1994). Hate Crimes Laws: A Comprehensive Guide. New York: Author. CIEC. Communications Defamation Act, June 6, 1998. Cleary, E. (1994). Beyond the Burning Cross: The FirstAmendment and the Landmark R.A.V. Case. New York: Random House. FeministInternet Gateway. Sex Discrimination, Raymond C. Homosexuality., V. Broad, K. (1997). Hate Crimes: New Social Movements and thePolitics of Violence. New York: Aldine de Gruyter. Matsuda, M., Lawrence, C.,Delgado, R., Crenshaw, K. W. (1993). Words That Wound: Critical RaceTheory, Assaultive Speech, and the First Amendment. Boulder: Westview Press. Media Awareness Network. Parents Sholuld Be Responsible, June 16,1997. Novick, M. (1995). White Lies White Power: The Fight against White Supremacy and ReactionaryViolence. Monroe, ME: Common Courage Press. Response. Creating Fear OfDifference Online, 1998., B. (Ed.) (1997). Censorship: Opposing Viewpoints. San Diego: GreenhavenPress. WebActive. Guide To Hate Groups, October 6, 1996.

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My Goals for the Future free essay sample

Every human being has goals and dreams they want to accomplish in the future. Goals give purpose to our life and their achievement gives us a sense of satisfaction and success. I feel that traveling with my family and being happy with what I choose to do are my two goals. First, traveling with my family is one of my goals. Traveling provides opportunities for fun, adventure and discovery. It also enriches our life and increases our knowledge and widens our perspective. Traveling not only provides us marvelous insights but it is also a joyful thing to experience with those we love. I have always been interested in visiting foreign places, meeting people of different backgrounds and learning their varying perspectives. Giving my family a wonderful traveling experience far outweighs the benefits of buying presents for them. Goods have limited life span whereas memories and knowledge last forever. Second, a more long-term goal I have is to be happy regardless of what I choose to do. We will write a custom essay sample on My Goals for the Future or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I want to be satisfied with my decisions, to be able to accept and forgive, and most of all to be able to live up to the expectations I have for myself. From a young age, I have always been a determined and driven person for everything that I set out to do. I want to do something that can make a difference in someone? s life. For example, I could be involved in charity work in which I could be able to help people who are in need. In addition, when I feel happy and satisfied with what I do, such as, pursuit of knowledge or helping others, I will approach life with a great enthusiasm. To conclude, my two major goals is traveling with my family and being happy with what I do. Achieveing these goasl will help me increase my positive attitude towards life and my happiness permanently.

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Quality of Supervision

Executive Summary Frontline employees are constantly in touch with clients. The frontline employees are very significant in the creation of a great customer experience. There is a need for a research to be carried out to find out how the quality of supervision the frontline employees are subjected to affects the quality of services they offer.Advertising We will write a custom coursework sample on Quality of Supervision specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Literature review has shown that the supervision is very necessary if the front line employees are to offer quality services. It has been shown that supervising helps to equip the frontline employees by identifying their areas of weakness which require being built on. Quality supervision encompasses many aspects that are quite beneficial to the frontline employees and which a positive impact on the quality of the services they will provide to the clients. Rationale for the study Glo balization has enhanced competition in various sectors of economy around the world. The hospitality industry is one of such sectors which have been heavily affected by the competition brought about by globalization. Due to the increased competition it has become imperative for business organizations, both in the hospitality industry and elsewhere, to offer high quality goods and services. It has come to the realization of the management in various sectors of the economy particularly those in the service industry that it takes more than premium quality of services and goods to satisfy the clients. In the hospitality industry the art of offering goods in a special manner is not new; actually this is the concept behind internal marketing popularized by services industries such as banks and hotels. Internal marketing involves proper handling of the employees by the management through various ways with an aim of expecting the employees to reciprocate back in turn by treating the clients well.Advertising Looking for coursework on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This means that as much as quality goods and services can be offered by an organization, there is a need for services to be provided in a quality way. This becomes very practical when the case is a hospitality industry. Offering of services in a great way often creates what is commonly referred to as great customer experience. Creating a great customer experience is one of the factors that hotel management anywhere strives to create. Most of the service industries create great customer experiences by utilizing the service of the frontline staff well. It must be appreciated that by default the clients interact most often with the frontline employees. It is therefore evident that the image that will be left in the mind of the customers will that presented by the frontline staff employees. It will therefore make a lot of sense for the management to heavily invest in the frontline staff. Investing in the frontline staff may take the form of training and even ensuring that the kind of supervision offered is of high quality. Having outlined the rational of the study we can briefly examine the management problem. Overview of the Management Problem Tourism is a key industry in Mauritius. The tourism industry in this island can be described as booming and consequently the hospitality industry is also on the rise. The hotels located in this island have been ranked among the world’s top hotels. The island being a tourist destination must ensure that the services offered by its hospitality industry are of high quality. It is important that the quality of the services offered by the hospitality industry is highly maintained to entertain the tourist who frequent the island and also probably to act as attraction for international events. One of the ways of enhancing service quality, as pointed out above, is through e nsuring that the services offered by the frontline employees is excellent. A fall in the quality of service offered by the frontline employees will definitely and drastically reduce the image of the hotels and other hospitality centers in this island. Of late there have been concerns over the quality of the services offered by the frontline employees. One of the ways to rectify this is by ensuring that the quality of supervision that the frontline employees are subjected to is improved. In order to ascertain this, a study will be carried out on some five resorts whose ranking ranges from three to five. Having identified the management problem, we embark next to find out the purpose of this research. Purpose of the Research In respect to the above discussion, this research proposal intend s to find out the if there is any correlation between the quality of supervision offered to the front line employees and the quality of services that they offer. This research is intended to expose any potential that may exist in form of raising the quality of supervision offered to the frontline employees.Advertising We will write a custom coursework sample on Quality of Supervision specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is expected that by ensuring that the quality of supervision is of high quality, the services that the frontline staff offers will equally be upgraded. This sequence is expected to make the image of the overall company where the customer is being served great hence creating a great customer experience. This proposal is expected to present useful information by using a case study on the effect of quality supervision on the frontline staff in the hospitality industry. By taking a real life case study the research is expected to reveal vital information on the creation of great customer experience through the use of frontline employees when they are subjected to quality supervision. In order to carry out a resea rch on the aspect of impact of quality supervision on the quality of the services provided by the frontline staff, an appropriate research question was formulated. Research Question The research question which will be adopted for a research to be carried out is: what is the relationship between quality of supervision and the quality of performance of frontline employees in hospitality industry? This research question was formulated because, as argued above, the frontline employees, due to the fact that they most interact with the clients, they are largely responsible for creating a customer experience. It is therefore assumed that the kind of influence behind the frontline employees will be hugely responsible for creating a customer experience: supervision is one of such influences. The status of the case study subject was taken into account when the research question was being formulated. The research is expected to be carried out on five resorts whose ranking range from three to f ive stars. An assumption is made that the resorts with such rankings will probably have high quality goods and services and therefore the need to examine the way these services and goods are offered. Literature review Supervision plays a very vital role in determining employee performance in any sector. It is magnified when it comes to employees in the service industry especially frontline employees because they are usually in constant contact with customers. Supervision is usually seen as a form of parenting whereby senior managers are required to parent individuals according to their abilities in a specific area.Advertising Looking for coursework on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Supervision ensures that there is continuity and consistency in service given by those responsible for delivering specific service. Different authors have agreed that supervision involves training and guiding individuals to enable them realize their full potential in whatever they do. Many coaching theories suggest that every supervisor should be conversant with the service provided by those he supervises so that he can build the relevant work relationship with employees. This is why it is important for supervisors to foster trust, respect, and collegiality, attributes that enhance employee interactions in their respective areas of specialization. Supervision therefore, requires that both the supervised and the supervisor engage in a number of tasks in order to satisfy the needs of their customers. There are a number of ways through which quality of supervision affects the performance of frontline employees in the service industry. These are explored below, Quality of supervision ca n support employee service It is said that for any business to succeed, it must create a work environment that is positive and based on trust, exceptionality of service, collaboration, excellence in tasks, and creativity. However, to achieve these, it must ensure that the needs of those who represent the most important asset, customers, are made. These people are the employees. As already, mentioned, supervision involves training, coaching and guiding staff members so that they can perform to their full potential. An effective supervisor will notice the failings in his or her employees and therefore, recommend the required skills that they should train in to achieve productive potential. In the hospitality industry, employees are trained on how to deal with customers so that they can gain their trust. In doing this, they will be aiding in building customer loyalty. When supervisors guide their staff members in their performance of the required duties, they make employees feel part o f the company, feel wanted and are therefore motivated to work hard in ensuring customer satisfaction and therefore reap maximum returns for the organization. Training does not only bring about motivation, it also initiates creativity, and commitment in the employees so that they can move the organization to greater heights in terms of profitability (Wagen Davies, 1998, p. 90). When employees are involved in training, they feel empowered to work hard and provide quality services. Good supervision will enable management realize or recognize the potential in each of their employees. This helps management in providing the necessary tools and powers needed to enable them improve their performance consistently. It is said that in the business world, it is the human resource that differentiates one business enterprise from the other, but not what they produce. Therefore supervision helps to reveal weaknesses in employees and thus take quick remedial actions. Basing on these, one can ther efore, train, coach or guide employees into doing the right thing. Supervision goes hand in hand with feedback. Managers should therefore, give feedback to their employees as this also acts as a motivational tool for better service delivery. Feedback however, should be specific as this tends to be more positive than a general feedback (Wagen Davies, 1998, p. 90). Employees are human and they are bound to make mistakes, this means that once in a while, managers need to correct employee performance. Corrections require that mangers give employees feedback and explanation that is specific to what is needed to correct the problem. Supervision therefore, contributes a lot in supporting the quality of service that employees offer to customers. Giving feedback to frontline employees in the service industry can be as simple as telling them to smile to customers when attending to their needs to give them the impression that one has given full attention to their problem. A feedback should al ways be followed with an explanation of the required response. Frontline employees usually fail because most of them do not have adequate training. This is why it is important that through supervision, they are provided with coaching and encouragement. Good supervisors can do this by demonstrations so that staff uses them as their role models (Wagen Davies, 1998, p. 90). Many people who seek for employment look for jobs that will offer them support, training, and other opportunities that develop them into individuals who can take responsibility for tasks done. Many of the businesses in the services industry fail to recognize this desire in their employees and that is why they experience low customers turnovers. It has been mentioned above that businesses need to train, develop, involve and empower their employees so that they attain the competency they require in delivering services to customers. Many of the employees believe that this can only be achieved through skilled supervisi on from their managers. This is why it is important for supervisors to have knowledge in the particular area of supervision. Employees who feel that they are being supported, guided, coached or trained by skilled supervisors tend to be satisfied with their jobs because they believe that they are not just working to earn the cash, but they are being developed holistically. Quality supervision supports employee service, therefore, it enhances employee satisfaction (David, 2008, p. 1). From above, it is clear that supervision can act as a very crucial pillar in the provision of services by employees. In hospitality industry, service quality is very important. Delivery of service in the hospitality industry by frontline employees involves personal contact. This means that the effectiveness of employee management determines the quality of service provided to customers. Service quality in the hospitality industry spells out the nature of customer-employee interaction when delivering the s ervice. In business, competitive advantage is created by the quality of service created. This means that businesses that do not strive to improve their service quality will lose their customers. Services can be imitated; however, an employee cannot be easily imitated or copied. Untrained employees will deliver poor services, but those who are trained through supervision offer quality service to customers. As already mentioned, supervision enables managers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. Building on these strengths through training and coaching them in areas where they are weak and following these with continuous supervision will mould them into competent employees who will provide quality service to customers (Yang Fu, n.d., p. 219). Services are very unique from goods, because of this, employees form part of the service and the brand of the company. Research has shown that employee satisfaction brings about customer satisfaction, which translates to pr ofits and growth of an organization. The attitudes of frontline employees in the hospitality industry, influences greatly the attitudes of customers. Many call this â€Å"the spillover effect†, whereby, when employees take supervision positively, this feeling radiates into the way they perform their duties. Customers on the other hand, will absorb these radiations and end up as satisfied users of the services provided. This therefore, is reason enough to show that quality supervision supports customer services by making them feel motivated and therefore satisfied with their respective jobs (Sun Shi, 2009, 2009, p. 16). Quality of supervision as an obstacle to supervision Supervision is one way of managing staff performance and therefore should encompass consulting with those who are supervised. A manager supervising the work of his employees should involve them in laying down the procedures and performance standards. This will ensure that no one makes any assumptions and the refore, only the required service standard will be achieved. For instance, managers can lay down the procedures to be followed in receiving customers and showing them to their respective rooms. This will spell out the performance level that should be met. Consistent supervision by managers will make employees feel that they are being treated equally and fairly. However, if supervision is carried out inconsistently and in a disorganized way, then this can create anxiety and leave employees unsettled and their deliver poor service to customers. This is why it is important that managers supervise their employees and give them guidance and advice where necessary (Wagen Davies, 1998, p. 92). Many managers have a tendency of paying attention or are only concerned with those employers who are regarded as poor performers. They therefore, dedicate all their supervision on them in the hope that they are helping the situation. This however, creates another problem, whereby, the good performer s will start feeling abandoned or neglected. Supervisions of this type create frustration because good performing employees will feel that their manager is acknowledging their contributions. Research has shown that many employees feel encouraged by simply being noticed by their seniors. Another undoing of supervision is in situations whereby supervisors can blame employees for failures that are out of their control. In the hospitality industry, there are many factors that can contribute to poor performance. Take for instance, unexpected delays in flights or even accidents, good managers should acknowledge these. On most occasions, this is not the case; managers tend to blame it on their employees. Such blames are known attribution errors whereby supervisors attribute a lapse in performance to a lack of effort on the part of employees when it is clearly that poor performance was due to unavoidable circumstances. These are the issues that sometimes make supervision hinder quality of s ervice given because they kill employee morale their by reducing their productivity levels (Wagen Davies, 1998. p. 92). We have seen that supervision is a very important part of an organization. This means therefore, that the supervisor is a very vital component of the management team. Supervisors act as a bond or a link between employees and the general manager, this means that the he is depended on by the organization in ensuring that employees carry out their duties well to satisfy the needs of customers. A good supervisor therefore, should work in line with the standards of management, which are â€Å"planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling† (McIntosh, 1974, p. 1). Good and effective supervision will ensure that employees give their maximum contribution to the duties performed. However poor supervision can bring about the downfall of company because it will kill employee moral to work and therefore, will lead to poor service delivery, which can lead to the even tual loss in customers. When carrying out supervision most of the managers assume that all their employees are the same, they fail to appreciate the fact that people are different. The hospitality industry is very involving and wide. It there consists of employees who may be satisfied by their jobs and therefore, will appreciate the type of supervision given. While there other employees who may not be satisfied with their jobs but only work for the cash. In such a situation what may be regarded as motivation by one employee may not be seen as such by another. This may be due to poor supervision, and as humans, employees will avoid doing work whenever there is no supervisor in sight. This will then translate into poor quality of services provided to customers. Organizations in such situations are usually forced to come up with better systems of supervision. Some go to the extent of hiring supervisory services from outside their organizations. This leads into management narrowing the supervision span just to ensure that every employee aspect is under watch. Tight supervision like this one limits employee discretion and curtails their creativity that may help the company. Also employees under tight supervision will not get the job satisfaction that most employees yearn for when searching for employment. This therefore, suggests that poor quality of employee supervision will serve an obstacle to employee service. This in turn will lead to a lack of employee satisfaction in their job. If employees are not satisfied with their jobs, then they will produce poor quality services to customers (Theory X and Theory Y, 2011, p. 1). This literature review has shown that the quality of supervision can support or hinder the services given by employees. By employing an effective supervisory system that will ensure that front line employees in service industry are trained, coached, guided, and advised in their performances of services to satisfy customer needs, quality of serv ice provided will improve tremendously. If supervision places in mind the needs of its employees, then it will work in consultation with them in coming up with work related procedures to guide how tasks are to be accomplished. This will ensure that there is effective supervision, which will in turn increase employee job satisfaction. When employees are satisfied, this will exhibit in their motivation to work to their maximum. Good supervisors are those who listen to their employees and give then feedback and explanation on the right way to be taken. Poor quality supervision on the other hand may act as an obstacle to the services given. Workers who are not supervised effectively may not have the morale to work to their expectations and as such, will not achieve job satisfaction that can give them the morale to work hard. This will then translate into poor quality service given. Methodology Research Method With the aim of examining how quality of services offered by the frontline emp loyees in Mauritius is affected by supervision, this study will be carried out in Mauritius on some five resorts. The research will be undertaken in three phases: hypotheses formulation (already carried out above), carrying out of interviews and making use of questionnaires. It is significant that proper research methods are used to ensure comprehensive information will be captured in the course of carrying out the research. Data Collection In general, data collection methods can be classified into primary and secondary methods. For this study both the primary and secondary means will be used to collect data. In carrying out the research, emphasis will be placed on collecting data as this is likely to give a more relevant indication of how the services that the front staff employees offer are affected by the supervision. Primary Data As indicated above, primary data is very vital for validity of a research. Primary data gives the true picture of what happens at the ground hence nece ssitates drawing of relevant of conclusions. Although the research findings for this study is likely to be used in many geographical regions, this study will be focused on Mauritius and in particular on some five resorts which have already been identified above. In carrying out this research, two methods will be employed in the collections of primary data: interviews and questionnaires. The Interview Method It is anticipated that the use of interviews will yield very significant information which will go a long way to answer the research questions. There will be a need to use this tool professionally in order to yield sufficient information on the research question. Appropriate use of interviews as a form of data collection will include: asking the correct and relevant questions; using diplomacy to ask ‘hard’ questions; sensing when a person being interviewed is feeling uneasy about a questions and consequently restricting the question to make it easy for him/her to ans wer it. Due to availability of interviewees which might not be guaranteed, the research will have provisions for both face to face and telephone interviewees. There will be three categories of people to be interviewed: a representation of the frontline staff, some of the supervisors and some senior management personnel. The questionnaire method Questionnaires are anticipated to be quite helpful in the course of carrying out this research. The questionnaires are expected to be very hand especially for those who might be shy or for some other reason not will to face interviews. The questions will be kept anonymous to enhance frank airing of views without any fear of being pointed out by any person. Some of the questionnaires will be mailed to those who will answer them while some will be presented to the individual members in person. A cover sheet will be prepared which will be sent along with the questionnaire to enable the interviewee understand what is required of him/her. The use of interviews and questionnaires will largely help to collect information from the ground which will be expected to give some green light on the research question. Secondary Data Secondary data has been used above in the literature review section. Use of secondary data is very significant as it makes it possible to adequately prepare well for the research. By going through the secondary information on the research topic one gets to understand the task ahead and what is awaiting and thus makes the appropriate arrangements. Through the secondary information, it becomes possible for the formulation of the research questions, the hypotheses, and even coming up with expected challenges and limits. Collection of secondary was carried out by using Google with an intentional move being made to pick the most credible and current sources in order to give the most relevant and appropriate information about the topic. Limitation and Ethical Considerations There are limitations which are likely to occur when this research will be carried out. Corrective measures will be taken as explained below in order to ensure that the data collected is reliable. The first limitation which can be easily pointed out is the focus of the study. The study will be carried out on only five resorts. The five resorts are however highly ranked and it is hoped that they will represent the whole of the hospitality industry. Another limitation may be the use of the questionnaires. Since the study is expected to cover all the frontline employees, it will be expected that at some point the researchers will come in contact with some of the employees who are engaged in tasks which require little or no skills and probably it is expected that such employees may find it hard to go through the questionnaires. In such a case, the researchers will be required to carry out interviews with such employees and consequently collect their views. The highest standards of research ethics will be observed when this r esearch will be carried out. The data collected will be only used for the purpose of studies. Collections of primary data will be carried out through coding to enhance privacy. Permission from the relevant authorities will be sought to ensure that the study takes place without any confusion. Planning It is expected that a lot of time will likely be spent moving around in the course of carrying out the research. To ensure that time will be spent wisely and that no activity will be sidelined due to insufficient time allocation. The following Gant chart will be used in carrying out the research-there are likelihood of some adjustments being made on the chart to make it more convenient and inclusive of any relevant activities that may come up. References David, A. (2008) Generation Y as hospitality employees: framing a research agenda. Web. McIntosh, R. (1974) Employee Motivation and Work Incentives in the Service Industries. Web. Sun, A Shi, B. (2009) Employee Satisfaction vs. Servic e Performance-A Chinese hotel’s perspective. Web. Theory X and Theory Y. (2011) Theory X and Theory Y. Web. Wagen, A Davies, G. (1998) Supervision and leadership in tourism and hospitality. New York, NY: Cengage Learning EMEA. This coursework on Quality of Supervision was written and submitted by user Madilynn Andrews to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Bermuda Triangle essays

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A response to the reading. Please make a title for the paper Essay

A response to the reading. Please make a title for the paper - Essay Example The author then hints that his secret could be something about his wives who were all claimed by the lord to have died of some diseases. A reader might suspect that something is wrong with the deaths of the wives and the writer teases the imagination of his readers by using the latest wife to reveal what really happened to the wives before her. Similar to many tales, a test of character is represented in the story when the man lets his wife look after all his estate while he goes away for war. However, the husband does not simply leave everything under his wife’s care but gave her some instructions saying she may open all the rooms except for one. This eventually showed the lord’s secret and when he found out about what his wife did, the lord tried to kill his wife. The story ends with good prevailing over evil. The murderer was killed by the wife’s brothers who were extraordinary beings which is also a classic part of fairy tales. For modern readers, the tale ma y sound ridiculous but perhaps the emphasis of the narration is on the moral of the story rather than how the story would be presented in an interesting and more realistic manner. The story ends with the lesson the wife learned through her experience and seems to have been deliberately done so to make it stick in the minds of the

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Disability Case Studies Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Disability Studies - Case Study Example Students with bodily challenges can access learning materials through the intervention of these technologies. Children with behavioral and cognitive impairments can utilize modeling technologies that improve their social and communication abilities. These technologies can be used both in school by teachers and at home by parents or special tutors. The devices range from low cost to highly priced high-tech devices that are adapted to different learner capabilities. The following case studies present technologies that can be used for students with low vision, learning disability, autism, and cerebral palsy. Case study #1 Assistive technology gives blind and low vision students support in academic areas as well as in expanded curriculum. Students with low vision have difficulties reading regular print or the blackboard. Assistive technologies help enlarge book prints and blackboard writings enabling these students to attend regular classes and use ordinary books. Learning activities may involve interaction with pictorial information that may require magnification. Students with low vision have difficulties in interpreting pictorial information. Students with poor vision have problems in hand-eye coordination. They have the ability to write, but the shape and size of their letters may lead to ineligible handwriting (Beard, Carpenter and Johnston, 2011). This creates a necessity for Braille technologies or typing assistance. Students with visual impairment require different operating systems when dealing with computer-based assignments. Some students require full-fledged specialized software and built-in accessibility. Assistive technologies enable these students navigate computer systems independently. This improves their participation in class and provides equal abilities compared to normal-vision students. Screen and text magnifiers can improve the visibility of prints and text displayed on computer screens. The magnifiers present the text in large formats, bring the text closer to the student, and improve the angle and projection of the text. A screen magnifier is software installed in the computer that the student can use to improve and manipulate text on the screen. Text magnifiers can be handheld and are used to improve text in print books. The magnifiers give the student control over the size of text, color, icons, and images. This gives the student the ability to read fluently and he can compete with others in the class. Students can also participate in class texts due to improved ability to read, interpret, and answer questions. Screen and text magnifiers are also used in extra-curricular activities such as interclass and interschool competitions where low vision students can participate (Wiazowski, 2009). The high contrast (20/20) pen is a writing tool that makes letters visible due to the high contrast ink. Students with low vision having poor eye-hand coordination may produce illegible handwriting. These pens have extra wide tips and the bold ink creates high-contrast, easily visible hand writing. The pens have a thick diameter that makes them easy to grip. The school can provide students with high contrast pens to improve their handwriting. These pens are quite cheap, and parents can buy them for home use. They are sold in several bookshops, which make them easily available. The pens will improve the

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Assess in what way you think Emmanuel Kant may claim to have overcome Essay

Assess in what way you think Emmanuel Kant may claim to have overcome David Humes skepticism - Essay Example Besides the circle of practical epistemological interests are closely adjoined with questions of gnosiology, or the theory of knowledge. In history of epistemology there are two main schools concerning what makes the main means of knowledge. Rationalism allocates this role to reason. The empiricism allocates this role to experience, feelings strengthened by tools. For rationalists a paradigm of knowledge is the mathematics and logic where the necessary truth is made by intuition or conclusion. For empiricists a paradigm of knowledge is natural science But for both directions of epistemology the central question is the question, whether we can trust that way of knowledge which they prefer. The skeptical arguments show, that we cannot accept everything simply, without checking. So, the answer to the skeptical call represents one of the ways of epistemological understanding. In the epistemological sense Hume was an empiricist for whom only two kinds of knowledge (science) existed. The first kind is based on the experience (finally on sensual perception), the second - on the rules of interrelation of concepts established on the agreement (according to empiricism interpretations, such knowledge is inherent for mathematics and logic). We cannot have any knowledge besides these two kinds. We not know the things which are not given to us in experience.This empiricistic epistemology leads to the results, important not only for theology and ethics, but also for the understanding of experimental sciences. From this point of view, in natural sciences there is no certain undoubtful kernel. Further we shall see that Kant paid much attention to this item and tried to deny it.